Welcome to Childwold
Bringing Winter Magic to All

Providing a One-of-a-Kind Winter Recreational Experience

Two orange snowmobiles are parked in the snow.
Welcome to Childwold
Bringing Winter Magic to All

Providing a One-of-a-Kind Winter Recreational Experience

Enjoy Unique Winter Experiences

At Childwold Snopackers, we aim to provide our members with a unique, Adirondack Winter Experience. Our focus lies in giving our members an unforgettable ride on our high-quality trails, which are groomed and maintained to ensure a high quality and enjoyable ride every time. Our trails are rich with history and date back to when the area was first settled. We regularly have the earliest and latest riding of the season making us a favorite destination to kick off your season or complete it. The Childwold Sno Packer Trails are the Heart and Soul of the system.

C7 Remsen Rail Corridor connecting Herkimer and Hamilton to St Lawrence and Franklin. At Sabattis Station, we are a short ride to Beaver River where one can continue to Old Forge or loop north back up through Stillwater, on to Harrisville / Star Lake. We also see many riders from Long Lake, Raquette Lake, Indian Lake and Newcomb coming in from C7B. Some are on an Old Forge Loop.

C7 going north just gets better rolling through the old rail stations. Starting in Sabattis or Long Lake West, site of one of the most damaging forest fires in NYS history, and in 5 miles you are in Horseshoe Lake. This was once home to a Wood Bowl Mill and a Maple Syrup Operation. Running north brings us to Childwold Station. This is the origin of the Legendary Grass River Railroad and the Carraige Road that shuttled guests to Childwold Park. A short jaunt away is Piercefield Station and onto Tupper Lake, where rails are a thing of the past. When snow is light, one can take NYSSA 732 Club Trail Matumbla for a fun alternative. All services and accommodation are available in Tupper Lake.

Our C7A originates at the Horseshoe Lake Parking Area /Plow turn around, at the end of St. Hwy. 421. Here we head north, passing NYSSA 746 Club Trail to Lower Dam on the Bog River, then crossing C7 quickly after on through big haul roads and old rail beds up to the heart of Sno Packer Country at Junction 2 where we face northwest on the Grass River Railbed, shouldered by the Massawepie Bog to Shurtleff the location of an old hotel. It crosses St Hwy 3 and snakes back to Seveys. It is usually highly maintained despite its obstacles.

A snow plow driving down the road in winter.

Our C7C starts at Junction 2 on a seasonal town road up through the Massawepie Boy Scout Camp (Childwold Park) on an Ester Formation into Childwold, Home of the thirsty Moose Pub & Grub. It continues westerly in places like Stove Pipe and Mink Brook enroute to Seveys Point, a favorite destination.

S 77 Massawepie Blvd is winding collection of Big Haul Roads connecting Stove Pipe at Junction 9 to the Grass River Rail Bed (C7A) at Junction 5 near Silver Brook Station.

S78 Conifer Rd is the Grass River railbed starting at Junction 17 (C7) passing through Conifer, an old lumbermill town, continuing west to Junction 2.

S79 Carraige Rd begins at Junction 17 Childwold Station and treks west on shoulder bank then haul road as horse and coach did many years ago on their way to Childwold.

S88 J3 – J13 and NYSSA 717 is Brandy Brook Haul Rd or Alcan Trail as the club calls it is a hidden gem. Bring your smile.
S88 J13 – J 413 Burnt Bridge is a tighter trail and passes Burnt Bridge Lean to on NYSSA 747 CT and grazes Brandy Brook Flow on Cranberry Lake.

S88 J413 – J 206 Brandy Brook Trail. Maintained by Sled and Drag due to State land restrictions. Has some shoulder riding between J206 and J 216.

NYSSA 718 Frohm Rd is a northern haul road for the parcels but can be amazing riding.

NYSSA 720 CT Silver Brook Spur is old railbed mostly connecting Junction 4 to Junction 213.

Our Trails provide access to vast riding in St Lawrence County. We are home to Mt Matumbla, highest peak in St Lawrence County and Mt Arab Fire Tower (not accessible by sled) which stands tall going north on C7. We have currently 100 + miles of trail and house 3 large groomers and a new sled and drag to do it. When we say Roll Childwold Roll, we mean it!

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Our main function is to serve our club members, and we go above and beyond to ensure their satisfaction. By becoming a member, you gain access to our unique and beautifully maintained trails, as well as a range of other benefits. These include special events, discounts on merchandise, and more.

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Being a part of Childwold Snopackers means more than just membership; it's joining a community of snowmobile enthusiasts who share a love for the sport. We encourage camaraderie and foster a community spirit that extends beyond our trails.

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